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Church Media Creativity (CMC) is a real epox fragment serious in which everybody needs to acknowledge her religious theories under obligation and by obliterating whatever rumours or old adages may-pass before his birth due to ensuring sufficient and independent historical recorrection when it comes to religious issues.

Obviously, understanding what is about Journalism is the real solution we can all achieve the result for what “RELIGION” word is meant purposely by God. As result of that, to be God’s messenger is not easy but yet is better for working as a prophetic way.

Callviously, I’m the R-be person of the Koora circles society from UN territorial livelihoods both the upper and the lower chambers of the Earth. This episode is elegant by the way ovisonism lawsuit from last 200 years approximately 2000 years in the past until the end of the third thousand year 3000yrs calculatedly. as result of that, I’m the child laptob winner who is also the global epox aims admin.