This report will be two different one and I will focus both in different times and months or years.

  1. Investigative Media Report for Somalia environmental health
  2. Investigative Media Report for Somalia water scarcity and draughts renewal as well as the connection among Somalia rivers and Nile river.

Water security has become a serious threat to human well-being and economic development. The issue is compounded with the advent of climate change while many communities will see their water supplies shrink as temperatures rise and precipitation patterns shift. A rise in severe storms will degrade water quality and increase the risk of catastrophic floods.

However, I’m planning an investigative report for the connection among Nile River and Somalia rivers by producing early warning system for media hub in which can prevent and help improve the quality coverage for Somalia seasonal draughts and famine.

In the context of Somalia, the threats posed to public health by environmental health–related hazards are numerous and include: polluted environment; poor sanitation; contaminated drinking water; unhygienic living conditions; unsafe food production; and proliferation of disease-transmitting vectors.

Whatever it may takes, I would like to contact with the concerned parts in order to produce independent and accurate reports for these hot issues.

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